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Conducting an EU-funded project is always challenging. Partners usually focus on their important research or innovation work, which is what makes the highest impact in the project. However, in order to make sure that your work is indeed making impact, you need to utilize the Communication & Dissemination, and ensure that you’re reaching the widest audience possible.

All funding schemes require the Consortiums to communicate about the project to the public, disseminate the project’s results, and foster their exploitation.

Why Web Bay is a perfect partner for your next EU project

Having worked on 50+ EU-funded projects, as subcontractors and partners within Consortiums, we have gathered knowledge to guide the Consortiums towards the successful Communication and Dissemination of the project.

Our team consists of communication strategists, marketing experts, content writers, designers and software developers, which all come together to work on the C&D strategy for the project, and take over the work that is needed to be done in order to achieve the KPIs. This way, you can focus on your important research work, while we make sure that the results of that work are reaching as many stakeholders as possible.

How we do it

Together with you, we sit and define:

This way we’re making sure that each KPI we define is easily visible, approachable and achievable.

Then, throughout the project’s course, we ensure that all C&D activities are efficient and measurable, and are adding to our mutual goal - the widest possible outreach.

Choose what fits your needs

Our services are tailored in such a way, that you can choose only the ones which fit your needs completely. You can choose to outsource to us your Dissemination deliverables, in which case we then act as your subcontractors and work on your deliverables, or you can trust us with the whole C&D work package, like many projects before.

- Nemanja TodicNemanja TodicCEO

“Leading Communication & Dissemination is a great challenge, as a successful C&D campaign ensures that your project is heard about, visible and creating impact. Communication strategy is a cornerstone on which all further efforts are built.

Establishing a strategy which is doable, in line with other partner’s work and ensuring impact is certainly a first step into the right direction. When you have a solid basis, it is easy to build upon it and extend your efforts to make sure that your project is heard about by the widest audience possible. “

- Joris Van DammeJoris Van DammeMobility Planner & Expert Cycle Highways, Creative & Conceptual Bricoleur

“Web Bay helped me a lot in translating my general vision on the platform into a concrete vision on the wireframes. The technical expertise and examples Web Bay provided were very useful and inspiring. I was delighted that they often just said “yes, this is technically feasible”. The iterative process was inspiring and resulted in a shared understanding.

I look forward to the future collaboration!”

  UX design provided for 40+ pages

 Custom flows for Readability Toolbox

Future-proof design to keep up with constantly improving web design standards

- Alena MaximovaAlena MaximovaCommunications officer

“Web Bay is great for building EU projects' websites. All team members try to understand what the project is about and how they can present it online. This approach gives excellent results as we received a unique, tailor-made and beautiful website that also serves its purpose.”

 89% SEO score

 100% remote collaboration

 Continuous support

- Davide GuarientoDavide GuarientoSenior consultant for EC Grants and Tenders

"Whether they’re working as partners within the Consortium, or as subcontractors, Web Bay always adds strategic value to every project they’re involved in. Their extensive expertise in web and digital fields is fundamental for the success of today's projects. Having them on board as Communication & Dissemination experts ensures that the project will be successful at promoting its results as well as at liaising and developing synergies with all project stakeholders".

 3+ initiatives worked on together

 5 communication strategies developed together

 5 webinars organized together

- Anita DerjaneczAnita DerjaneczManaging director

“Web Bay showed to be a reliable partner. They respond quickly, understand the project goals and often go an extra mile to deliver just the right solution, which makes you feel like working with a friend.”

 8+ years of collaboration 

 20+ projects developed together

50% more page views on REHVA website since redesign

- Pamela MorinièrePamela MorinièreCommunications & Campaigns officer

“Web Bay has redesigned our web site and provided us with a much more user-friendly digital platform.

Web Bay staff is very reliable and efficient and the fact that all of the work has been done remotely has never been an issue for sorting out any problems.”

 50% more new organic users on the website since redesign

 42% more page views since redesign

48% decreased bounce rate 

- Ingo MöschterIngo MöschterManaging director

“Communication with Web Bay is fast and reliable. I appreciate that Web Bay team is always there to help and to provide support when needed. We worked together on multiple projects and each one was a pleasant experience.”

 Collaboration since 2014

 20+ projects developed together

 Continuous support

- Milan ŠkoroMilan ŠkoroGeneral Manager

“Web Bay has been successfully fulfilling our project requirements since 2014. We are extremely happy with all aspects of our business relationship: communication, punctuality, the amount of thought and planning spent on every project, feedback, suggestions and overall quality of the final product.

Definitely consider Web Bay for your next project, you will enjoy working with the team and be delighted with their output.”

 Collaboration since 2014 

 Daily support for all requests

40+ websites developed together

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