Giving identity to your brand

Complete branding for your Organisation or EU project. Tailored to your needs, industry and goals

Providing Creative Direction through web & print branding services, and going over and beyond to translate
your vision and aims
into clear and intuitive designs.

Branding & Visual Identity

Giving your initiative a visual identity is giving recognizability to your cause, goals and activities around it.

We offer a package of deliverables that comprise a complete Brand Identity:

  • Logotype and variations
  • Typeface for print & web
  • Brand Identity Manual
  • Office templates
  • Business cards
  • Envelope design

Offline communication

Creating awareness around your brand is ignited by promoting it using various channels.  Offline communication helps establish the presence of your brand. 

We offer a package of deliverables that help with the promotion of your brand:

  • Leaflets and brochures
  • Posters
  • Roll up banners
  • Infographics
  • Promotional booth elements

Digital Communication

In order to reach a wider audience, utilizing digital promotion is essential.

We can help you with it by designing:

  • Newsletter templates
  • Digital leaflets and brochures
  • Animated video explainers
  • Websites

Brand identity for EU projects

Web Bay specializes in providing Visual Identities for EU-funded projects, thus giving your cause a unified and recognizable brand for digital and print which is aligned with EU Programme Branding Guidelines.
Helping Consortiums reach projects goals and disseminate projects results by utilizing marketing funnels to raise awareness around the project.

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EU Project
U-CERTDelivering a distinguished visual identity to promote U-CERT project’s purpose and all dissemination activities

We have shaped a variety of visual identity components, such as logos, brand imagery and photography identity, that reflect ‘user-centered Energy Performance Assessment and Certification Scheme' project’s mission to facilitate convergence of quality and reliability of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) across the EU. We’ve empowered its dissemination activities by creating engaging, short animated videos and templates for numerous visual elements.

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EU Project
MoTiVPromoting the 'Mobility and Time Value' project’s objectives with recognizable visual identity

We defined the basic visual principles for MoTiV project by creating the complex identity solutions which correspond with the main project’s activities and results. To help explain the project’s scope and address the targeted groups we produced a short explanatory video that brings MOTIV project’s value closer to wider audience.

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BITS projectReducing CO2 emissions and increasing bicycle use with a modern visual identity

We have designed BITS project’s visual identity and gave it an online branding to help make it more recognizable and add to its goal of reducing CO2 emissions and increasing bicycle use within target groups.

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Climate researchSupporting Joint Programming Initiative "Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe" with conspicuous backwall layout

We have built up a noticeable backwall design which generates climate changes awareness. With particular visual elements it communicates in a way which points out the importance of the existing initiative - gathering European countries to jointly coordinate climate research and provide useful climate knowledge.

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PioneerEnsuring the optimal care for all European men living with prostate cancer by creating customized and effective visual solutions

In order to help engage more stakeholders in the project, disseminate results at early stage, and give them short explanation what the PIONEER project is about, we produced a short animated video to help clearly communicate the project objectives, as well as brochure with the well-defined and unified message.

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EU Project
Tri-HPEnabling a wider dissemination of TRI-HP project's objectives with a new brochure

We have enabled the TRI-HP project Consortium to spread the word about its important goals by delivering a new & international version of TRI-HP brochure that supports a further development of the renewable and cost-competitive tri-generation systems concepts.

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IOETransmitting a powerful and balanced voice for business with a minimalist and transparent visual display

We have helped the International Organization of Employers to present a compelling story of its achievements on annual level and to discover the vibrant and dynamic community of its members with the unique, problem-oriented design of the annual reports, which addresses the critical issues of the day.

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EU Project
CIE websiteRaising the voice of cycling business in Europe through dynamic web design

We performed the whole web development cycle, starting from the mockup design and architecture to implementation, in order to aid the Cycling Industries Europe in their advocacy – forming a united voice for the cycling sector and driving it forward.

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- Alena MaximovaAlena MaximovaCommunications officer

“Web Bay is great for building EU projects' websites. All team members try to understand what the project is about and how they can present it online. This approach gives excellent results as we received a unique, tailor-made and beautiful website that also serves its purpose.”

 89% SEO score

 100% remote collaboration

 Continuous support

- Anita DerjaneczAnita DerjaneczManaging director

“Web Bay showed to be a reliable partner. They respond quickly, understand the project goals and often go an extra mile to deliver just the right solution, which makes you feel like working with a friend.”

 8+ years of collaboration 

 20+ projects developed together

50% more page views on REHVA website since redesign

- Joris Van DammeJoris Van DammeMobility Planner & Expert Cycle Highways, Creative & Conceptual Bricoleur

“Web Bay helped me a lot in translating my general vision on the platform into a concrete vision on the wireframes. The technical expertise and examples Web Bay provided were very useful and inspiring. I was delighted that they often just said “yes, this is technically feasible”. The iterative process was inspiring and resulted in a shared understanding.

I look forward to the future collaboration!”

  UX design provided for 40+ pages

 Custom flows for Readability Toolbox

Future-proof design to keep up with constantly improving web design standards

- Pamela MorinièrePamela MorinièreCommunications & Campaigns officer

“Web Bay has redesigned our web site and provided us with a much more user-friendly digital platform.

Web Bay staff is very reliable and efficient and the fact that all of the work has been done remotely has never been an issue for sorting out any problems.”

 50% more new organic users on the website since redesign

 42% more page views since redesign

48% decreased bounce rate 

- Davide GuarientoDavide GuarientoSenior consultant for EC Grants and Tenders

"Whether they’re working as partners within the Consortium, or as subcontractors, Web Bay always adds strategic value to every project they’re involved in. Their extensive expertise in web and digital fields is fundamental for the success of today's projects. Having them on board as Communication & Dissemination experts ensures that the project will be successful at promoting its results as well as at liaising and developing synergies with all project stakeholders".

 3+ initiatives worked on together

 5 communication strategies developed together

 5 webinars organized together

- Ingo MöschterIngo MöschterManaging director

“Communication with Web Bay is fast and reliable. I appreciate that Web Bay team is always there to help and to provide support when needed. We worked together on multiple projects and each one was a pleasant experience.”

 Collaboration since 2014

 20+ projects developed together

 Continuous support

- Milan ŠkoroMilan ŠkoroGeneral Manager

“Web Bay has been successfully fulfilling our project requirements since 2014. We are extremely happy with all aspects of our business relationship: communication, punctuality, the amount of thought and planning spent on every project, feedback, suggestions and overall quality of the final product.

Definitely consider Web Bay for your next project, you will enjoy working with the team and be delighted with their output.”

 Collaboration since 2014 

 Daily support for all requests

40+ websites developed together

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